international association for shell and spatial structures

IASS Committees

The organizational activities of the Association are carried out by various standing and ad hoc committees, while the Technical Activities are conducted by the Working Groups, which report to the Executive Council through the Technical Activities Committee.

Standing Committees

  • Editorial Committee (Chair: Charis GANTES, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the IASS)
  • Financial Committee (Chair: Makoto OHSAKI, Treasurer)
  • Membership Committee (Chair: Ruy Marcelo PAULETTI)
  • Nominations and Elections Committee (Chair: J. Manuel GÁLLIGO )
  • Representation on the Liaison Committee (President of the IASS and representative from the Secretariat)
  • Technical Activities Committee (TAC) (Chair: Sigrid ADRIAENSSENS) - The members of TAC are the chairs and co-chairs of the Working Groups
  • Honors and Awards Committee (Chair: Ken'ichi KAWAGUCHI)
  • Tsuboi Awards Committee (Chair: Romuald TARCZEWSKI)
  • Hangai Prize Committee (Chair: Ruy Marcelo PAULETTI)
  • Website Committee (Co-Chairs: John F. ABEL and Romuald TARCZEWSKI)
  • Communications Committee (Chair Emily BAKER, Co-Chair Marina BORGES)
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