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Working Group Publications

The preparation of state-of-the-art reports, recommendations and guidelines is one of the tasks of the Working Groups of the IASS. Following is a list of these publications.  Members of the IASS may download a PDF of those published by the IASS via the Publications Gateway (login required).

Reports available for download, ordered by WG number:

WG 3    Paduart, A. et al., Recommendations for the Design of Hyperbolic or other Similarly Shaped Cooling Towers, IASS, 1977

WG 4    Mogensen, I. et al., Recommendations for Guyed Masts, IASS, 1981
             Grant, M. et al., Recommendations for Safe Systems for Access on Masts and Towers, IASS, 2001

WG 5    Medwadowski, S. J. et al., Recommendations for Reinforced Concrete Shells and Folded Plates, IASS, 1979

WG 7    Tsuboi, Y. et al., Recommendations for Air-Supported Structures, IASS, 1985

WG 8    Tsuboi, Y. et al., Analysis, Design and Realization of Space Frames, IASS, 1984

WG 19    Murota, T. et al., Structural Design Guidelines for Temporary Spatial Structures, IASS, 2015

Commercially published reports that can be purchased from the respective publishers:

WG 4    Smith, B., Communication Structures, Thomas Telford, 2007

WG 15    Motro, R. (ed.), An Anthology of Structural Morphology, World Scientific, 2009

WG 16    Ishii, K. (ed.), Structural Design of Retractable Roof Structures: State-of-the-Art. Guidelines. Examples, WIT Press, 2000

WG 18    Végh, L. and Végh, P. (eds.), Concept of the Theory of Environmentally Compatible Structures and Structural Materials, 2nd ed., Czech Technical University in Prague, 2011
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