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Collective Members

There are two parts to this page: A listing of Collective Members' Business Cards (still under development) and a Directory of all active Collective Members that links the organization name to the name of the Collective Representative who is the bundle administrator for the Collective. One can jump to the second part by selecting Directory of Collective Members.

Collective Members' Business Cards

The following IASS Collective Members have elected to post their business cards on this site to indicate that they support the goals and activities of the IASS through their annual membership, and that they extend the benefits of membership to their staff and organization (as described in the Membership page of this site). 

This portion of the site is still under construction.  Current or new Collective Members wishing to add their "business card" to this directory may do so by providing the necessary information in the profile of the Collective Representative (Log in, choose MEMBER TOOLS, select "View profile" and then "Edit profile.")

Centro de Estudios y Experimentación
 de Obras Públicas (CEDEX)

CEDEX is an Autonomous Public Agency, dependent upon the Ministry of Transport (Ministerio de Fomento) and Ministry of Environment of Spain, providing research, testing and high level technical assistancein the field of transport, public works and environment. The Laboratorio Central de Estructuras y Materiales of CEDEX currently hosts the Secretariat of the IASS.

Madrid, Spain

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

SOM is one of the leading architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban-planning firms in the world, with a reputation for design excellence and a portfolio that includes some of the most important architectural accomplishments of the 20th and 21st centuries. Since its inception, SOM has been a leader in the research and development of specialized technologies, new processes and innovative ideas, many of which have had a palpable and lasting impact on the design profession and the physical environment.

Chicago, Illinois, USA with offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi

Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure

Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure is a Frankfurt-based engineering consultancy with more than 30 years of national and international building experience and expertise. Founded in 1983, today the firm has more than 180 employees. The company provides a complete range of structural design services for clients and projects worldwide. The scope of work comprises building structures, façade design, geometry development and building performance for commercial, retail and exhibition facilities as well as classic civil engineering structures such as bridges, roofs and towers.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany with offices in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Oslo, Rome and Melbourne


Since 1977, LANIK has offered turnkey solutions for covering, facades and retractable roof structures (design, manufacture and assembly) using space-frame systems, single-layer bolted systems, timber and mechanisms.

San Sebastian, Spain

Summum Engineering

Summum Engineering is a structural design, engineering and optimization consultancy. Summum specializes in the parametric modelling, finite element modelling and structural analysis of lightweight structures, natural construction materials, complex geometries and sustainable buildings.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

COWI UK Limited

Owned by Danish parent, COWI A/S, COWI UK Limited is an amalgamation of Flint & Neill and Donaldson Associates. The UK business focuses on bridge, tunnel and marine structures. It also has an international reputation for work with masts and towers, and has participated in the IASS Working Group on Masts & Towers since its inception.

London, Glasgow, Uttoxeter, Derby, York, Bristol, Hong Kong

List of Collective Members and their Representatives

The membership database of this website takes advantage of a feature called "bundles" that allows a single representative or leader to manage the membership of a collection of members. Collective members are bundles within this context. For now, bundles do not have names but are associated instead with the name of the bundle administrator. Following is a directory of active Collective members that correlates the name of the bundle with the name of the administrator, the Collective Representative. (The number within parentheses indicates the number of members within the Collective membership, and the allowable number is 6 = 5 Collective Affiliates + 1 Collective Representative; but because lapsed Collective Affiliates are still counted, some Collectives may appear to have more than the maximum number.)
The Collective Representative directly manages the membership of the Collective bundle by adding Collective Affiliates as bundle members in the course of editing the profile of the Collective, found by logging in and selecting MEMBER TOOLS.

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