international association for shell and spatial structures

IASS Technical Activities

In addition to the dissemination of technical information through the Journal of the IASS, the Association engages in the following activities related to lightweight and long-span structures:

  • Sponsors the technical activities of a number of Working Groups (WGs)
  • Publishes the WG Publications such as state-of-the-art reports and recommendations on design and construction
  • Organizes Annual Symposia in which each active WG typically organizes one or more technical sessions in addition to those sessions composed by the Scientific Committee of the symposia in support of the theme of the particular event
  • Fosters the organization each year of one or more Colloquia (specialty conferences) by individual WGs
  • Endorses other symposia or conferences that are organized by partner associations and that touch upon spatial structures
  • Disseminates through this website the annual reports of the IASS Technical Activities Committee (TAC) that summarize the accomplishments, activities and news of the IASS WGs
These activities are covered in more detail in the subsidiary pages of this section.
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