international association for shell and spatial structures


In those regions where economical conditions make it difficult for individuals to join the IASS, Chapters have been formed. Each Chapter consists of one or more groups of persons who share their contribution to the Association by each paying a partial membership fee to his or her Chapter Representative; depending on local conditions, these partial fees are as low as 1/10 the normal Individual fee.

The current policy for Chapters adopted by the IASS Executive Council may be viewed or downloaded by selecting Chapter Policy. This policy is intended to simplify fee-payment procedures and to give Chapter Members access to the membership privileges of this website, including access to the membership Directory and the Online Journal of the IASS.

List of Chapters and their Representatives

The membership database of this website takes advantage of a feature called "bundles" that allows a single representative or leader to manage the membership of a collection of members. Chapters are bundles within this context. For now, bundles do not have names but are associated instead with the name of the bundle administrator. Following is a directory of active Chapters that correlates the name of the bundle with the name of the administrator, the Chapter Representative. (The number within parentheses indicates the number of members within the Chapter, and the allowable number is 12; but because lapsed Chapter Members are still counted, some Chapters may appear to have more than the maximum number.)

The Chapter Representative directly manages the membership of the Chapter bundle by adding Chapter Members as bundle members in the course of editing the profile of the Chapter, found by logging in and selecting MEMBER TOOLS.

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