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Annual Reports of the IASS Technical Activity Committee (TAC)

The efforts of the IASS Working Groups are overseen by the Technical Activities Committee (TAC), which in turn reports annually to the IASS Executive Council and the Association Membership. The aim of the annual report of the Technical Activities Committee (TAC) is to summarize the main activities, results and news related to the Working Groups. The current chair of the TAC is Professor Carlos Lázaro (Spain).

The recent annual reports of the TAC are listed here in reverse chronological order and are available as PDF files that may be viewed or downloaded by selecting the report title.

TAC Annual Report for 2017
TAC Annual Report for 2016
TAC Annual Report for 2015

TAC Annual Report for 2014
TAC Annual Report for 2013

Prior to 2013, the TAC Annual Reports were published each year in the issue of the Journal of the IASS immediately following the annual symposium (usually the December issue).  A few recent reports are repeated here:

TAC Annual Report for 2012
TAC Annual Report for 2011
TAC Annual Report for 2010

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