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Information for Subscription Agencies

The IASS continues to accept new subscriptions and renewals on behalf of Subscribers from journal subscription agencies. The following policies, prices and procedures apply for agencies:

  • Agencies may not place subscriptions and renewals on-line but must contact the IASS Secretariat by other means such as Email, fax or regular mail.  
  • Data Privacy - Implied Consent:  The IASS collects data about Subscription Agencies and Subscribers only to the extent needed to fulfill subscription services, including the sharing of data with Ingenta Connect, the hosting company of the electronic edition.  The submission of such data by a Subscription Agency about the Agency and its subscribing clients implies full consent by all to the IASS Data Privacy Policy.
  • Because the subscription prices essentially match production costs to the IASS, the Association does not offer discounts on subscription prices to agencies.  Rather, it is assumed that agencies receive commissions from their client subscribers. Moreover, the IASS has decided to largely phase out the print edition except for those who agree to pay a premium to receive the print edition. The subscription prices, effective for subscriptions beginning 1 January 2019, are as follows:
  • Subscription Type  Rate      Comments
    Electronic Version only (ISSN 1996-9015)   
    €110     Rate unchanged. Includes all back issues since 1996 and IP option.  
    Print Version only (ISSN 1028-365X) €180     Rate increased, see note above.
    Both Print and Electronic Versions €250     Rate increased, see note above.
  • The IASS must receive the following for each agency client (see note on Data Privacy above):
  1. the full subscription price (by bank transfer only - see below),
  2. the organization name of the client Subscriber
  3. the name and Email address of the contact person at the Subscriber organization (needed for registration for a subscription number and for notification of publication of new issues)
  4. the subscription type option selected by the client Subscriber, and
  5. the full primary address for the Subscriber including country (needed for registration for a subscription number)
  6. the full mailing address for the Subscriber (if different from the primary address and only if print edition is selected)
  • The electronic edition of the Journal is hosted by Ingenta Connect, and the IASS regularly provides Ingenta with a current list of e-subscribers identified with a unique subscription number. This listing needs to include most if not all of the numbered information items listed above. (See also the note on Data Privacy above.)
  • Agencies' clients who become electronic Subscribers themselves make arrangements with Ingenta for either login-password access or access by IP numbers. Thus e-subscribers by IP numbers should not submit their list of IP numbers to the agency or to the IASS Secretariat.
  • Agencies may not themselves become electronic subscribers for indirect dissemination of the electronic version to clients.  
  • The IASS accepts payment (in Euros only) from agencies by bank transfer only (download bank information here); and to avoid confusion regarding payments, notations that accompany payments must clearly include the name(s) of the Subscriber(s).  [NOTE: The IASS Secretariat is unable to accept payments by check or credit card.]
  • The grace period for both renewals and payment is 3 months into the year of expiration, that is, until 31 March.
  • Although agencies may notify Ingenta Connect directly of placement or renewal of subscriptions, payment and notification must be sent to the IASS Secretariat.

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