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Membership Categories

New memberships may be in one of the following three categories or levels of membership:
  • Individual members (€85 per year): individuals who share the aims of the IASS.
  • Collective members (€425 per year): companies, firms, universities or institutes that share the aims of the Association, wish to support it, and wish to extend the benefits of IASS membership to their staff and to other members of their organization.
  • Student members (€15 per year): individuals who share the aims of the IASS and who are currently undergraduate or postgraduate students at a recognized institution of higher learning. The permissible duration of Student memberships is the shorter of 5 years or until the year of receipt of highest degree.

The preferred method of joining is on line by using the JOIN IASS menu at the top of every page of this website. (Alternatively, one may submit a membership application form by mail to the IASS Secretariat.)  On-line payments of fees are by credit card or bank transfer; mailed payments are by bank transfer only.  (Renewals must be accomplished by logging in and using the Member Tools > My Profile page of this website.)

NOTE: The formalization of IASS membership has two requirements: (1) All members must have an active email address. (2) All members must explicitly consent to the Data Privacy Policy of the IASS

An additional six categories or levels of IASS membership are:

  • Senior members (renewals only, €60 per year): Individual members who are retired and who have been IASS members continuously for 25 or more years.
  • Distinguished members (dues-free lifetime membership): individuals with a distinguished record of outstanding achievement in the field of shell and spatial structures; conferred only by vote of the Executive Council in the form of either Honorary Membership or the Eduardo Torroja Medal.
  • Awardees (dues-free, non-renewable): Individuals who receive one-year free memberships as part of annual Hangai Prize competition for best papers by younger members of the Association. After the close of this free year, Awardees are asked to renew membership as an Individual member or (if still eligible) as a Student member.
  • Collective Affiliates (included in Collective membership dues):  Up to five individuals designated by a Representative of a Collective member, selected to have the benefits and privileges of this category of membership on behalf of the Collective.
  • Chapter Representatives (€85 per year): An Individual member who serves as the coordinator and liaison for a Chapter. Chapters are formed only with the authorization of the President upon application by a potential chapter (see the Chapters page).
  • Chapter Members (chapter dues, if any, payable to Chapter Representative): Individuals who are members of a Chapter in a region where economical conditions make it difficult for individuals to join the IASS as full members (see the Chapters page).

A note about bundles: The membership database of this website takes advantage of a feature called "bundles" that allows a single representative or leader to manage the membership of a collection of members. Both Collective members and Chapters are bundles within this context. For now, bundles do not have names but are associated instead with the name of the bundle coordinator. To overcome this drawback, the respective pages for Collective Members and Chapters each have a directory that correlates the name of the bundle with the name of the administrator. The bundle coordinator (Collective Representative or Chapter Representative) directly manages the membership of the bundle (Collective Affiliates and Chapter Members, respectively) in the course of editing the profile of the bundle (found by logging in and selecting MEMBER TOOLS) by adding members of the bundle or removing inactive members. [Instructions on how to add bundle members and to delete inactive members are given in the following help file:]

Finally, there are two categories of subscribers that exist only to access the Journal of the IASS:

  • Subscribers: Universities, colleges, libraries and companies that wish to subscribe to the Journal of the IASS (J. IASS).  Subscribers and Subscription Agencies should consult the Subscription Information page for full information about subscription fees and options. Subscribers fall into two different levels, the most predominant are those which subscribe through Agencies (Subscriber-Agency). A relatively small number of Subscriber-Independents place their subscription orders directly to the IASS through this website.
  • Exchange subscribers: Courtesy subscriptions for other associations with which the IASS exchanges publications and for repositories such as selected national libraries.

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