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IASS Honors and Awards

The Association recognizes outstanding individuals in the following four ways.  Further information about each of these honors and awards as well as lists of previous recipients are given in the associated web pages. 

Honorary Members are Individual or Senior members with a distinguished record of outstanding achievement in the field of shell and/or spatial structures, and/or have rendered exceptional service to the Association.  Honorary members are selected by vote of the Executive Council.  On the average, one new Honorary Member is named each year. A list of all honorees is here.

Torroja Medal: The Executive Council may from time to time award the Eduardo Torroja Medal to a member of nonmember of the Association in recognition of outstanding and distinguished contributions to design, construction or research of shell and/or spatial structures.  On the average, one new Torroja medalist is named every two years. A list of all medalists is here.

Isler Prize: The Isler prize is awarded every two years to IASS a member or non-member in recognition of a significant contribution that embodies the ideals and accomplishments of the late Heinz Isler: exploration, realization, discovery and innovation; playfulness and inclusivity; sustainability and low impact on the environment. More about the award is here.

Tsuboi Awards are awarded annually in two categories:
      > For the most meritorious paper published in the Journal of the IASS in the preceding calendar year.

      > For the most outstanding paper presented and published in the Proceedings of the previous year's annual IASS Symposium.

More about the awards and a list of recipients are here.

Hangai Prizes annually recognize talented young researchers, designers, engineers and architects working in the field of shell and/or spatial structures.  This recognition is achieved by selecting outstanding submissions to the Annual IASS Symposium in the form of research papers, resumes of design projects, or presentations of innovative ideas. Potential applicants may consult information regarding the next cycle of awards here. And a list of past Hangai Prize winners is here.

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