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Hangai Prize Recipients

The Hangai Prize Medal

The Hangai Prize was established in 2001 in memory of Professor Yasuhiko Hangai (Japan, 1942-1998), a very active member of the IASS and its Executive Council.  In accordance with Professor Hangai's career-long encouragement for young people, the award recognizes young talented researchers, designers, engineers and architects working in the field of shell and spatial structures whose papers submitted to the annual IASS Symposium are judged to be most meritorious by the Hangai Prize Committee.

Below are the listings of past winners with the titles of their papers, each of which has been published in the Journal of the IASS following the respective conferral. 

2003 Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Tomohiko Kumagai (Japan): "Dynamic Buckling Behaviour of Single Layer Lattice Domes Subjected to Horizontal Step Wave
  • Hsiao-Hui Lee (Taiwan): "Consistent Formulations for Geometric Nonlinear and Buckling Analyses of Space Framed Structures"
  • Carolina Rodríguez (United Kingdom): "Swivel Diaphragm, a New Alternative for Retractable Ring Structures"
  • Yu-Chun Tse (Singapore): "Design of Stiffened Plate Structures Using Structural Intensity Concept"
2004 Symposium, Montpellier, France
  • Julien Averseng (France): "Static and Dynamic Robust Control of Tensegrity Systems"
  • Benjamin Bridgens (United Kingdom): "A New Biaxial Test Protocol for Architectural Fabrics"
  • Jennifer Burton (United Kingdom): "Wind Loading Pressure Coefficients on A Conic Shaped Fabric Roof: Experimental Methods"
  • Caroline Hatchem (Canada): "Deployable Structures in Nature: Examples, Analysis and Realization"
2005 Symposium, Bucharest, Romania
  • Vu Khac Kien (Singapore): "Commutative Algebra in Structural Analysis of Deployable Tension-Strut Structures"
  • Zhang Jingyao (China): "Form-Finding of Self-Stressed Structures by an Extended Force Density Method"
  • Qin Yafei (China): "Structural Design of Samoa Aquatic Centre"
  • Kawamura Hiroaki (Japan): "Computational Morphogenesis of Discrete Structures Based on Fuzzy Theory"
2006 Symposium, Beijing, China
  • Jeroen Coenders (Netherlands): "Approximating Complex Shapes with Intelligent Structures: Embedded Design Intelligence in Systems for the Early Phases of Design"
  • Ramar Pandia Raj (India): "Using Symmetry for Tensegrity Form-Finding"
  • Stefan Trometer (Germany): "Development and Design of Glass Folded Plate Structures"
  • Wenhua Liu (China): "Analysis Under Multi-Support Excitation about National Stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing"
Applicants earning 2006 Honorable Mention and one-year free membership in IASS:
  • Evangelos Maniadis (Greece): "Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Coupling Cable and Beam Elements"
  • Jianbo Zhao (China): "Theoretical Analysis of Sliding Polygonal Cable Elements"
  • Noah Burger (USA): "Felix Candela, Elegance and Endurance: An Examination of the Xochimilco Shell"
  • Chi Trung Tran (Vietnam): "Deployable Butterfly-Wing Structure for Space Enclosure"
  • Liping Zhang (China): "Wind-Induced Responses Analysis of a Tensegrity Tower"
2007 Symposium, Venice, Italy
  • Philippe Block (USA): "Thrust Network Analysis: A New Methodology for Three-Dimensional Equilibrium"
  • Shen Cao (China): "A Study on Structural Design of the Retractable Roof Structure with Two Annular Rails"
  • Cyril Douthe (France): "Gridshell in Composite Materials: Towards Wide Span Shelters"
  • Alberto Pugnale (Italy): "Morphogenesis and Structural Optimization of Shell Structures with the Aid of a Genetic Algorithm"
2008 Symposium, Acapulco, Mexico
  • Carlo Deregibus (Italy): "Mathematical and Structural Properties of Geodesic Curves: An Application on a Free Form Gridshell"
  • Tomas Ignacio Mendez (Venezuela): "Architectural Acoustic and Structural Form"
  • Jeffrey Hunt (USA): "Designing Adaptive Spatial Structures"
  • Toshiaki Kimura (Japan): "Computational Morphogenesis of Free Form Shells"
  • Carolina Carmona-Aparicio (Mexico): "Computational Methods in the Teaching of the Complex Forms, Study Case: Hyperbolic Paraboloid"
    Applicants earning 2008 Honorable Mention and one-year free membership in IASS:
  • Martin Flint (Netherlands): "Ant Colony Optimisation for Ultra-High Performance Concrete Structures"
  • Carlos Zetina Gargollo (Mexico): "Design and Development of a Convertible Dome for the Patio of a Historical Building"
2009 Symposium, Valencia, Spain
  • Paolo Basso (Italy): "Computational Morphogenesis in Architecture: The Cost Optimization of Free Form Grid Shells"
  • Francisco José Palacios Climent (Spain): "Movable Structure for a Two-Axes Solar Tracker. Tracking a Sustainable Future"
  • Linbo Qiu (Japan): "Fire Performances of Space Grid Structures"
  • Tomohiro Tachi (Japan): "Generalization of Rigid Foldable Quadrilateral Mesh Origami"
2010 Symposium, Shanghai, China
  • Dabin Yang (China): "A Method for the Damage Assessment of Single-Layer Latticed Shells by Performing Static Stability Analysis Twice"
  • Chen Yin Ma (China): "Multi-Functional Deployable Protective Shelters"
  • Massaki Miki (Japan): "Extended Force Density Method on Form-Finding of Tension Structures"
  • Ya Li (China): "Novel Hybrid Lightweight Tension Strip Structures"
2011 Symposium, London, United Kingdom
  • Ashley P. Thrall (United States): "Shape-finding of a Deployable Structure Using Simulated Annealing"
  • Gennaro Senatore (Italy): "Adaptive Structures for Whole-Life Energy Savings"
  • Jan Winkler (Poland): "A Preliminary Bending Fatigue Spectrum for Steel Monostrand Cables"
  • Manuel Santarsiero (Italy): "A Contribution to the Theoretical Prediction of Life-Time in Glass Structure"
2012 Symposium, Seoul, Korea
  • Yuki Nagai (Japan): "Wind Response on Horn-Shaped Membrane Roof and Proposal of Gust Effect Factor for Membrane"
  • Yao Chen (China): "Two-Orbit Switch-Pitch Structures"
  • Yusuke Okita (Japan): "Structural Morphogenesis for Free-Form Grid Shell Using Genetic Algorithms with Manipulation of Decent Solution Search"
  • K. J. Haarhuis (Netherlands): "Maximum Transparent Barrel-Vaulted Glass Roof"
2013 Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland
  • Corentin Fivet (Belgium): "Constraint-Based Graphic Statics: New Paradigms of Computer-Aided Structural Equilibrium Design"
  • Ken'ichi Minowa (Japan): "Active Vibration Control Method for Arch Structures Based on Acceleration Feedback"
  • Frederic Waimer (Germany): "Integrative Numerical Techniques for Fiber Reinforced Polymers - Forming Process and Analysis of Differentiated Anisotropy"
  • Philipp Benedikt (Germany): "Hybrid Structures - Enlarging the Design Space of Architectural Membranes"
2014 Symposium, Brasilia, Brazil
  • Benoît Descamps (Belgium): "Form Finding and Optimization: Getting the Best of Both Worlds to Design Lightweight Structures"
  • Georgia Margariti (Greece):  "Critical Buckling Load and Nonlinear Post-Buckling of Guyed Towers"
  • Renjie Liu (China): "Formulas for the Derivation of Node Coordinates of Annular Crossed Cable-Truss Structure in Pre-Stressed State"
  • Zach Seibold (USA): "Robotic Fabrication of Components for Ceramic Shell Structures"
2015 Symposium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Chenchen Wu (China): "Improving the Natural Frequency of Bistable Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Tubes for Space Applications"
  • Yosuke Nakaso (Japan): "Seismic Control with Tensioned Cables for Suspended Ceilings"
  • Leonardo Todisco (Spain): "Design and Exploration of Externally Post-tensioned Structures Using Graphic Statics"
  • Yusuke Takahashi (Japan): "Designing Buckled Double-Curved Surface by Controlled Pattern of In-plane Strain"
2016 Symposium, Tokyo, Japan
  • Hayato Utebi (Japan): "Form evaluation of free-form shells by using bending strain energy ratio"
  • Maria Livanou (Greece): "Assessing the necessity to account for geometric nonlinearity in von Mises trusses representing simple shallow roofs"
  • Tianhao Zhang (China): "Deployment Study on a Single-Layer Deployable Truss Structure Driven by Elastic Components"
  • Catherine De Wolf (USA): "Low Carbon Vaulted Masonry Structures"
2017 Symposium, Hamburg, Germany
  • Yafeng Wang (China): "Finding generalized and customized tensegrity systems by MILP-based topology optimization"
  • Tim Michiels (USA): "Parametric study of masonry shells form-found for seismic loading"
  • Hiromi Yasuda (USA): "Tunable frequency band structure of origami-based mechanical metamaterials"
  • Romain Mesnil (France): "Non-standard patterns for gridshell structures: fabrication and structural optimization"
2018 Symposium, Boston, USA
  • Lea Boulic (Switzerland): "Design strategies of hybrid bending-active systems based on graphic statics and a constrained force density method"

  • Joseph Swerdlin (USA): "Construction and history of Fuller's timber dome at Woods Hole"
  • Yuki Terazawa (Japan): "Elasto-plastic damper optimization routine for lattice towers based on generalized response specturm analysis"
  • Anna Bauer (Germany): "Innovative CAD-integrated isogeometric simulation of sliding edge cables in lightweight structures"
2019 Symposium, Barcelona, Spain
  • Ann-Kathrin Goldbach (Germany): "CAD-integrated Parametric Design Cycle for Structural Membranes"

  • Yipeng Lu (China): "Path Planning for Rolling Locomotion of Polyhedral Tensegrity Robots"
  • Catherine Poirriez (Singapore): "Parametrization, integration and buildability: Design and construction of a 50 m span freeform roof in Bangkok"
  • Jan Brütting (Switzerland): "Form follows availability – Designing structures through reuse"
2020 Symposium, Surrey, UK (Conferrals are postponed to 2021 virtual Symposium from 2020)
  • Yusuke Sakai (Japan): "Parametric study of non-periodic and hybrid auxetic bending-active gridshells"

  • Liesbeth I.W. Arnouts (Belgium): "Coupled sizing, shape and topology optimisation of bistable deployable structures"
  • Nicolas Montagne (France): "Voss surfaces: A design space for geodesic gridshells"
  • Cameron Millar (UK): "A graphical method for determining truss stability"
  • Diego Rivera (USA): "Adaptive framework for structural pattern optimization"
 2021 Symposium, Surrey, UK (virtual symposium)
  • Ting-Uei Lee (Australia): "From ruled surfaces to elastica-ruled surfaces: New possibilities for creating architectural forms"

  • Kotaro Sempuku (Japan): "Self-folding rigid origami based on auxetic kirigami"
  • Xiuming Liu (China): "Study on thermal damage of large-span ice shell structure based on thermal-mechanical coupling"
  • Qian Zhang (China): "Programmable and reconfigurable surfaces with kirigami-inspired bistable elements"
 2022 Symposium, Beijing, China (virtual symposium)
  • Kazuki HAYASHI (Japan): "Assembly sequence optimization of spatial trusses using graph embedding and reinforcement learning"

  • Yao LU (USA): "A Method for Designing Multi-layer Sheet-Based Lightweight Funicular Structures"
  • Jiaming MA (Australia): "PrintNervi – Design and construction of a ribbed floor system in the digital era"
  • Kanata WARISAYA (Japan): "Freeform auxetic mechanisms based on corner-connected tiles"
 2023 Symposium, Melbourne, Australia
  • Zoe COOPERBAND (USA): "Towards Homological Methods in Graphic Statics"

  • Kentaro HAYAKAWA (Japan): "Panel-pin Model for Kinematic and Equilibrium Analysis of Rigid Origami"

  • Jonas WARMUTH (Germany): "Computational Conceptual Design –Typological Exploration of Spatial Truss Systems through Optimization"
  • Yiwei ZHANG (China): "Modular Design of Multistable Pneumatic Structures from a Flat Pattern of Air Pouches"

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