international association for shell and spatial structures

Liaison Committee of International Associations of Civil Engineering

The Liaison Committee of International Associations of Civil Engineering is a body maintaining contact and co-operation between international associations of civil engineering.  Formed in 1958, it brings together the Presidents and Secretaries of the following six member organizations.  (Note that the links to the five sibling organizations of the IASS open their sites in a new page.)

CIB: International Council for Research and Innovation in Building
  and Construction

The mission of CIB is to provide a global network for international exchange and cooperation in research and innovation in building and construction in support of an improved building process and of improved performance of the built environment.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

ECCS: European Convention for Constructional Steelwork

The aim of ECCS is to promote the use of steelwork in the construction sector by the development of standards and promotional information.

Brussels, Belgium

fib: International Federation for Structural Concrete

fib is a not-for-profit association committed to advancing the technical, economic, aesthetic and environmental performance of concrete structures worldwide.

Lausanne, Switzerland

IABSE: International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering

The aim of the Association is to exchange knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering worldwide in the service of the profession and society.

Zurich, Switzerland

IASS: International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures

The IASS has as its goal the achievement of further progress through an interchange of ideas among all those interested in lightweight structural systems such as lattice, tension, membrane and shell structures.

Madrid, Spain

RILEM: International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction
  Materials, Systems and Structures

The mission of the association is to advance scientific knowledge related to construction materials, systems and structures and to encourage transfer and application of this knowledge world-wide.

Bagneux, France

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