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  • Structural Membranes 2021 – X International Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures

Structural Membranes 2021 – X International Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures

  • 13 Sep 2021
  • 15 Sep 2021
  • Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

The tenth edition of the conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures (STRUCTURAL MEMBRANES 2021) will be organised on 13-15 September 2021 in Munich, Germany. The previous conferences of these series were held in Barcelona (2003, 2007, 2011, 2015), Stuttgart (2005, 2009) and Munich (2013, 2017). The last edition of Structural Membranes took place in Barcelona on 7-10 October 2019, in conjunction with the conference commemorating the 60th anniversary of the IASS.

Structural Membranes 2021 will be held at the premises of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

The objectives of Structural Membranes 2021 are to collect and disseminate state-of-the-art research and technology for design, analysis, construction and maintenance of textile and inflatable structures. The conference will address both the theoretical bases for structural analysis and the numerical algorithms necessary for efficient and robust computer implementation. A significant part of the conference will be devoted to discuss advances in new textile composites for applications in membrane and inflatable structures in the building and construction sectors, as well as in innovative design, construction and maintenance procedures.

In summary, Structural Membranes 2021 aims to be a forum for discussing recent progress and identifying future research directions in the field of textile composites and inflatable structures.

The conference topics will include (the list is not exhaustive) :

  • Design Methods                                Numerical Methods for Structural Analysis       
  • New Membrane Materials                  Testing Procedures
  • Manufacturing                                    Construction Methods
  • Maintenance Techniques                   Energy Aspects
  • Climate Impact                                   Environmental Aspects
  • Pressure Management                      Adaptivity
  • Applications: membrane roofs, facades and covers, sails, inflatable pavilions and buildings, airships, airspace structures, inflatable antennas, high altitude platforms, furniture, bio-membranes, textiles for clothes, etc.

The conference will be included as one of the Thematic Conferences of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS). It will also be supported by other scientific organisations in Europe and worldwide including the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM).

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