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Working Group 22: Architectural Geometry


To spread knowledge on architectural geometry in the structural engineering community and to enrich the architectural geometry domain with new scientific questions arising from engineering, architectural, and artistic practice.


Geometrical knowledge is key to creating innovative solutions for construction-aware design, and thus elevating shell and spatial structures beyond the extravagant to make them mechanically and economically efficient for broader applications in architecture. The IASS’s wealth of shell and spatial structure knowledge and experience positions us well to bring insight based in structural concepts to this important field of architectural geometry.

To channel this knowledge, the IASS community formed Working Group 22 on Architectural Geometry in 2023. We hope to support, nurture and extend the possibilities for publishing and sharing of knowledge in the field.


  1. Raise awareness of the importance of architectural geometry.

  2. Identify and structure the Architectural Geometry community within IASS.

  3. Organise sessions at IASS Symposia and Colloquia related to architectural geometry.

  4. Contribute to the organisation and editing of Special Issues of Journals related to the architectural geometry of shell and spatial structures.

  5. Develop ways to share information and materials and best practice activities that enhance understanding of architectural geometry.

  6. Collect and disseminate developments in architectural geometry in an interactive publication incorporating built examples and offering an up-to-date "design guide" tailored to structural designers.

    WG Activities so far

    The Working Group 22 "Architectural Geometry" was established during the IASS EC meeting held in Melbourne on July 9, 2023. As a newly created WG, we do not have records of previous activities yet, but new initiatives will appear in the near future.

      Planned activities
        1. Elaborate a work program for the coming five years to be discussed during the annual meeting.

        2. Organising the first annual meeting of the WG at the IASS 2024 Symposium in Zurich.

        3. Organising one technical session in the IASS 2024 Symposium in Zurich.

        4. Organise a two-days workshop to transfer fundamental knowledge of Architectural Geometry to young Engineers and Architects at the IASS 2024 Symposium in Zurich.

        5. Prepare a special issue of the IASS journal by 2025 to show a state-of-the-art of IASS members' contribution to the field of Architectural Geometry.


          All current members of the Working Group, are members of the IASS. The Working Group welcomes additional members who have an interest in Architectural Geometry; those interested should please contact the Chair of the Working Group, Cyril DOUTHE.  (Find his e-mail in the IASS Directory by logging in).

          • Cyril DOUTHE (Chair) - France
          • Toby MITCHELL (Co-Chair) - USA
          • Eike SCHLING (Co-Chair) - Hong Kong

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