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  • Annual Elections to the IASS Executive Council

Annual Elections to the IASS Executive Council

8 Aug 2021 18:34 | John ABEL (Administrator)

The annual Executive Council meeting was held this year in a virtual form on 5 August 2021.

The Executive Council approved the results of the annual election for renewal of one third of IASS Executive Council. The following members of the Executive Council were elected for 3-year terms:

  • Philippe BLOCK (re-elected)
  • Su-Duo XUE (re-elected)
  • Olga POPOVIC-LARSEN (re-elected)
  • Olivier BAVEREL (newly elected, formerly co-opted)
  • Alireza BEHNEJAD (re-elected)
  • Annette BÖGLE (re-elected)

In addition, at the meeting, the EC co-opted the following to 3-year terms:

  • Charis GANTES
  • Yi-Min (Mike) XIE

And the following former EC members were elected to the Advisory Board:

  • Alberto DOMINGO
  • José Manuel GÁLLIGO
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