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(1924- )
President 1991-2000
Torroja Medalist 1991
Honorary Membership 2001

Born in Poland, he moved to the USA via the UK and Canada in the 1950s and established a consulting office in San Francisco. While in practice, he had an adjunct appointment at the University of California at Berkeley, where he not only taught structural engineering but also did research and published more than a hundred technical papers.

He has been member of the IASS since 1960, was a member of several Working Groups, and from 1983 to 1991, a Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of the IASS. He received several awards including the IASS Torroja Medal. He was elected President of the IASS in 1991 at the Copenhagen Symposium, and was granted Honorary Membership in 2001 after his retirement from the Presidency.

A world-renowned structural engineer, he designed projects with a variety of structural systems including shell and spatial structures, grid structures, timber structures, and spatial structures for large optical telescopes. He designed over 300 projects by the end of the 20th century within a span of nearly 50 years and continued designing into the new millennium.
Stefan J. Medwadowski
Photo credit: N. K. Srivastava

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