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Working Group 18: Environmentally Compatible Structures


The mission of the WG 18 is to cover the basic theoretical design problems associated with Environmentally Compatible Structures (ECS) with considerable emphasis on spatial structures. The guiding definition of ECS is embedded in the following quotation from the publication "Selected Terminology of ECS": "All buildings, structures, infrastructures, reconstructions, their use and connected technologies, which minimize their environmental impact or contribution to outdoor and indoor environmental pollution during the whole life-span of the structure, are designated by the term 'environmentally compatible'." The mission also covers implicitly and indispensably the environmental compatibility of structural materials.


The activities of the WG 18 since its founding in 1999 covered the first phase of the seminar activities from 1999 to 2009:

  • Seven international seminars with published Proceedings on problems of ECS, all of which were held in Prague, Czech Republic. To date about 170 papers were published within the seven seminars.
  • Edition of the "Jubilee publication" with the first five seminars
  • Beginning of the preparation of two textbooks on the concepts and theory of ECS

Current Objectives

In the second phase starting in 2011 the WG is planning to broaden the seminar activities into more centres:
  • Prague (L. & P.Végh), Budapest (org. by Prof. Zs. Jozsa), Cluj (org. by Dr. Andrea Mircea), Milano or Lake Como (org. by Dr. Carlo Monticelli) and Tokyo (org. by Prof. N. Imagawa)
  • One aim of the second-phase seminars is to attract more PhD students and researchers to deal with and publish topics on ECS
  • A second aim is to attract as many IASS members as possible to join WG 18 and contribute to its efforts

Publications of WG 18

  • "Fundamentals of the Theory  of ECS" – a monograph  by Prof. L. Vegh, DrSc,
  • published by LAP LAMBERT in Germany in 2010. The book is sold through regular channel on the book market.
  • The second edition of the textbook "Concept of the Theory of ECS," written by 19 authors, from the Czech Rebublic, Germany, Canada, Japan and Hungary, with editors: Prof L. Végh, DrSc and Dr. Petr Végh, PhD, P.Eng. is now in print. The book is  available from the Secretariat of the IASS WG 18 on a non profit basis (
  • Ludevit Vegh and Petr Vegh, the Chair and Co-Chair of WG18, authored Section 12.3, "Towards Environmental Compatibility in Engineering and Architecture" for the IASS Jubilee publication Fifty Years of Progress for Shell and Spatial Structures.

Activities during 2014-16

  • Organized a two-part session at the IASS-SLTE 2014 Symposium in Brasilia.
  • Co-organized a joint Colloquium with WG 12 in 2015 on "Bio-based and Bio-Inspired Environmentally Compatible Structures" at Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, April 10-13. 2015.
  • Preparation of the joint WG 18+12 sessions for the 2016 Tokyo Symposium

Current Membership

Those current members of the WG listed below are members of the IASS. The Working Group welcomes additional members who have an interest in ECS; those interested should please contact one of the Co-Chairs.

Further Information for IASS Members

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