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Working Group 13: Computational Methods


Encourage the development of computational aspects appearing in the different phases of creation, design, construction and maintenance of shell and spatial structures.


IASS Working Group No. 13 was founded in 1984 at the Dortmund Annual IASS Symposium. The original name of the WG was Numerical Methods in Shell and Spatial Structures, but this has since been generalized to accommodate all types of computational approaches.  Therefore, the group interacts with the activities of other IASS Working Groups and aims to support them on their specific tasks.

Over the years, a principal activity of the WG has been to organize International Colloquia.  The first three of these were held in Leuven, Belgium in 1986; Tokyo, Japan in 1993; and Taipei, Taiwan in 1997.  Subsequently, they have been organized jointly with the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), and these IASS-IACM Conferences have been held in Chania, Crete in 2000; Salzburg, Austria in 2005; Ithaca, New York, USA in 2008; and Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2012.

A Sub-Working Group on Computational Morphogenesis was established in 2003 at the IASS Symposium held at Montpellier, France, as a part of this WG. Since then, the Sub-Working Group has organized the IWCM2006 (International Workshop on Computational Morphogenesis) at Nagoya, Japan to diffuse thoughts on how computational morphogenesis can contribute to the art of structural design and to exchange ideas on utilization of structural optimization for structural design. Now, the sub-group has been merged into one of the integral parts of WG13.

Main Topics

  • Computational Morphogenesis, Structural Optimization and Form Finding of Shells
  • Analysis and Design of Flexible Rods and Structures, including Latticed Shells and Tension Structures
  • Dynamic Analysis for Seismic and Wind Loads
  • Nonlinear and Buckling Analysis
  • Other Computational Methods related to Shell and Spatial Structures
Current Objectives
  • Organize sessions at IASS Symposia and Colloquia related to computational methods in shell and spatial structures
  • Participate in the organization of the periodic IASS-IACM Conferences on Computation of Shell and Spatial Structures
  • Coordinate with and support other IASS WGs in matters relating to computational methods

Recent Activities

  • A session on "Computational Morphogenesis" was organized in the IASS 2015 Symposium in Amsterdam.
    WG 13 organized two sessions at the IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium. The first one, with the focus on "Bio-inspired Control of Structures" counts on Prof. Ian Smith (EPFL Lausanne) as co-organizer. The second one, co-organized with WG 15 (Prof. Gengnagel - HdK Berlin) has the topic "Bending Active and Flexible Structures".
  • WG13 co-chair Prof. K.-U. Bletzinger co-edited together with Prof. M. Mollaert a special issue of the Journal of the IASS on Membrane Structures (Vol. 56, No.1, 2015).
  • WG13 organized a session in the IASS-SLTE Symposium held in September 2014 at Brasilia.
  • Participation in the 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics held in Barcelona in July 2014 (

All of the WG members listed below are members of the IASS. The WG seeks to add additional members, and those interested are urged to contact one of the co-chairs of the WG.

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai-Uwe BLETZINGER (Co-Chair) - Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos LAZARO (Co-Chair) - Spain
  • Prof. Makoto OHSAKI (Co-Chair) - Japan

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