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The Tsuboi Award honors the memory of Professor Yoshikatsu Tsuboi (Japan, 1907-1990), former President and Honorary Member of the IASS, and his outstanding contributions to structural and architectural design. Tsuboi Awards are awarded annually by the Tsuboi Awards Committee in two categories:
  • (A) For the most meritorious paper published in the Journal of the IASS in the preceding calendar year.
  • (B) For the most outstanding paper presented and published in the Proceedings of the previous year's annual IASS Symposium.

All papers in the respective categories are eligible unless they (1) have already been recognized for other awards or honors, (2) are texts of invited papers or plenary presentations, or (3) are documents prepared by or behalf of an IASS Working Group.  The awards are given annually.  However, if during any year the committee finds no paper in a category up to standard, it can decide to omit an award in that category or instead grant two awards in the other category.

Nomination and Selection Procedure

A selection committee determines the awards.  After consultation and approval by Executive Council, the President forms the Tsuboi Awards Selection Committee, which includes five members of the Association as well as the President as an ex-officio member and Mr. Y. A. Tsuboi from Japan as an honorary member.  The President designates the Chair of this committee.

The timetable for the selection process is determined by the Chair of the Selection Committee and depends to some degree on the date of the upcoming Annual Symposium.  The typical timetable is that nominations are completed by February, the first round of evaluations is by April, and a second round (if necessary) by June.  The recommended selections are reported to the President by approximately three months prior to the Annual Symposium so that invitations may be issued to the recipients and awards can be prepared.

For category (A), the best papers published in the Journal of the IASS, the Chair of the Selection Committee solicits a list of eligible papers from the Chair of the Editorial Committee (or from the Secretariat).

For category (B), the best papers published in Proceedings of IASS Symposia, the Chair of the Selection Committee solicits a list of approximately ten nominations from the Chair of the Organizing Committee (or from the Chair of the Technical Committee) of the preceding IASS Annual Symposium.

Presentation and Benefits

The Awards are presented either during the Banquet or the Closing Ceremony of the Annual Symposium.  Each award consists of a Japanese lacquerware sculpture with an appropriate engraved plaque attached to its base.  The sculpture was designed by Hiroko Hatekenaka and Ryohei Miyata, and the awards are handcrafted by Takuji Ogimura, with important contributions to the design and fabrication efforts by Yoshiaki Tsuboi, the eldest son of the late Professor Tsuboi.  In addition, the best Proceedings paper is published in an issue of the Journal of the IASS following the Symposium at which the award is made.

List of recipients of Tsuboi Awards

Tsuboi Awards Selection Committee

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