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  • Annual Elections to the IASS Executive Council

Annual Elections to the IASS Executive Council

16 Sep 2022 20:14 | John ABEL (Administrator)

The annual Executive Council meeting was held this year in virtual form on 16 September 2022, just a few days before the Annual Symposium.

The Executive Council approved the results of the annual election for renewal of one third of the IASS Executive Council were elected for 3-year terms:

  • Charis GANTES (previously co-opted)
  • Ken'ichi KAWAGUCHI(re-elected)
  • Carlos LÁZARO (re-elected)
  • Makoto OHSAKI (re-elected)
  • Ruy Marcelo de Oliveira PAULETTI (re-elected)
  • Sergio PELLEGRINO (re-elected)

In addition, at the meeting, the ED co-opted the following to 3-year terms:

  • Caitlin MUELLER (previously elected)
  • Mogens NIELSEN (re-co-opted)

And the former EC member Andras FALK was elected to the Advisory Board.

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